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Property Insurance

You’ve decided to settle down in Lilburn, now it’s time to find an insurance policy to protect your home and its contents. We have been  in Gwinnett county and the entire state for years and have  have data about the most common and costly claims in your area, helpful information when you’re building a policy. Ask us about ways you may qualify for discounts to reduce your premium, such as installing a security system for your home.

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Renters Insurance

You’d be surprised what you can be held liable for these days even if you live in Georga. Our  Renters Insurance can help protect you if a guest or visitor is injured (or their property damaged) at your place. Liability Protection helps pay your legal defense fees and damages that are awarded. Without it, your assets - from your wages to your personal property - could be at risk.

Auto Life

Do you know all the ways that we can help you prepare for the road ahead? Maybe you’re familiar with our auto insurance policies, but do you know about our life insurance options? If you choose to carry both policies through our agency, then you might be eligible for some discounts. Call agent Samuel Ameyaw at (770)545-6446 to learn about our Auto/Life discount, which may be applied to your auto policy premium.  

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Auto Insurance

These days, saving money on car insurance matters more than ever, so more and more drivers are looking for discount auto insurance rates in Georgia. Smart drivers also know that betting on cut-rate discount insurance may not "pay off" in the event of an accident. So how do you get low cost auto insurance that offers quality and adequate protection? Simple: take advantage of our discounts on auto insurance.

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Commercial Auto

Dents and dings aren't the end-all, be-all of car accidents. If you own your own business (and business vehicles), it's particularly important that you have insurance coverage for a variety of scenarios. A Commercial Auto policy us  is an exceptional way to protect your company. Features like medical payments coverage, which pays for necessary medical treatments that result from a covered accident, can be indispensable.

Local Business

If your business is digital, tech-focused, and cutting-edge, then you should make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage. After all, your company is so much more than what’s in your office – which is why you need to make sure you’re protected. At TLX Finance, we sells insurance for telecommunications and consulting businesses that includes coverage for data compromise and identity restoration. Contact agent Samuel Ameyaw to learn more.
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Personal Umbrella Policy

A personal umbrella policy from Allstate in Lilburn can offer crucial insurance coverage in the event of a major catastrophe. This “above and beyond" coverage can be useful in situations involving bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and more. If you reach your auto insurance or homeowners insurance limits, then personal umbrella coverage will “step in,” helping to protect the assets that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

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Auto Liability

It's important to "look out for number 1," especially when you're on the road. One way to do so is with an auto insurance policy from TLX Finance,  that includes liability coverage. If you're found at-fault for an accident, this part of your policy helps you pay for damages that you cause to other people or to other people's property. Call (770)545-6446 to learn more about liability coverage and to get a free quote.

Business Insurance

As an Allstate agent, I know what it's like to be my own boss—it's not as easy as it looks! When you're in charge, you don't want anything to fall through the cracks, which is why I'll carefully review all the details of your business insurance policy. TLX Finance proudly offers coverage for your business's vehicles, specialized equipment, and important data. Call (770)545-6446 to speak to me, agent Samuel Ameyaw, about scheduling a free quote.