Health Insurance

     Individual Medical

Choosing the appropriate Major Medical plan, Dental and Vision is very critical and important. Income levels, Deductibles, Premium, Coverage have to be consider in order to ensure that you have the right plan at the right price.

TLX Finance is well position to provide you the right coverage at right plan.

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 Group Medical Plan

 If you have five (5) or more employees on your payroll, you are required by ACA to have in place Health Insurance Plan for your staff. TLX Finance can help by putting together a plan for you. We take away the guesswork and the paperwork and ensure that you are get the right coverage for your team at the right place.

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   Supplemental Benefit


You might already have health insurance through your employer, but it might not be enough to cover costs associated with certain health conditions. TLX Finance offers supplemental insurance coverage that can help with doctor bills, hospital stays and even some nonmedical expenses if you're dealing with an accident, disability, cancer or critical illness.

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Fill In Your Health Insurance Gaps. 

Accident & Disability: Take care of medical expenses your employer's health insurance might not cover. Get cash benefits to pay for hospital stays, ambulance bills or other out-of-pocket expenses. And you can keep your coverage if you change jobs.

Critical Illness: Get coverage from Allstate Benefits in case you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Cash benefits can be used for hospital stays, doctor bills, transportation, childcare and more. You can add an optional wellness benefit to help cover the cost of a health screening.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Coverage used beyond a pre-determined amount of time in traditional health insurance or Medicare that can provide care, services and support in your home or a variety of other facilities. It can protect your hard-earned savings in the future.